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About the Brand

...But so much more, it's about you.

My brother and I started this company because we not only believed in ourselves, but we believed in YOU. We both, just like you, have overcome obstacles, doubters and challenges to achieve success, but our drive to continue to improve and see the next peak drove us to launch a brand which personified these passions.


Our brand is for YOU and designed to be driven by YOU.

You will be more than a member in a brand, but a citizen of a growing community. Our like minded group is accustom to crossing finish lines, going longer, finishing stronger, with relentless passion and a drive for improvement.

Your voices and images will be the backdrop of our success and we look forward to helping to tell your story of greatness through images and/or videos.

My brother and I may have started this story, but the rest will be written by each of you...

...let's go get it!!!



Like many of you I'm a devout member of my family, but also like many of you, I'm constantly working to achieve more. Working to be >YESTERDAY. My goal is to build a brand much larger than myself. Where everyone is welcome and feels empowered. Let's support and honor the achievements your goals while we all Live A Better Tomorrow.



I am a dreamer, entrepreneur and one who seeks to help others. The brands motto is what I pursue to live out daily. My goal is to help others in any capacity that will improve their lives. This brand I hope one day becomes millions of people’s matra and leaves its mark on you and the world.

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